The Growing Influence of Prescription Drugs

I'm always torn on how best to present this sort of information. On the one hand I believe that prescription drugs are handed out far too casually in the US and that television advertising of them is an overwhelmingly bad thing.

On the other I don't want to promote a paranoid approach where people refuse to take drugs that would dramatically benefit their lives. It's hard to make the middle ground an enticing proposition.

But the truth is not that prescription drugs are bad for you. It's that casual or uninformed use of prescription drugs is bad for you.

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proxy?container=focus&gadget=a&resize h=100& content%2Fuploads%2F2012%2F03%2Fprescriptiondrugs infographic e1332634609484 The Growing Influence of Prescription Drugs

Your Brain on Prescription Drugs [infographic] | Daily Infographic
Prescription drugs are one of contemporary America's most pervasive evils.

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